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We own a portfolio of online education, media and software companies.

Every single day, I’ve come to realize how important it is for the right people to have the megaphone placed in their hands to help others.

I believe in a world, where we are creative and can spend time doing what we love.

I believe in a world, where education is self-selected from curiosity, learning from the true elders of that field.

I believe in a world, where we can speak openly, freely and without constraints of an algorithm.
I believe in a world, where we give and take with abundance and without scarcity.

I believe in a world, where Entrepreneurs enable others to build inner-freedom, allowing for society to take back their power and leadership.

Thus, I’ve created 
The Wisdom Group
I invite you on this journey, with me.

From Scott Oldford, CEO of The Wisdom Group:

We believe that the future of education is learning from those that you love, trust, admire and that have true wisdom, not just understanding.

We believe that education isn’t a one-size fits all and further, that the education system is fundamentally broken, out-dated and the only people to fix it? 

Entrepreneurs and Creators.

We invest and own in 3 high-growth and high-impact sectors.

3X Training Sessions
Three days, with 3 hours of content from Fred + Me, each day.

This is for the Online Entrepreneur who really wants to use an effective way to bring in the right clients, which will help you scale to that next level…

Q&A Sessions
Each day, we'll answer questions to ensure that you have clarity for your business.

Some really cool extra bonuses to help you implement (content from my higher level program)

Inside, I'm going to share with you...

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We believe that where attention flows, energy flows. Thus, we believe that owning the attention of those that want to ditch the algorithm to create their own.

We believe that by owning the attention of millions of people, we can spot light what matters the most. 

Being the signal in a mess of noise.

We believe it’s important to use advancements in robotics, technology and artificial intelligence to allow humans to do what they do best– create.

We believe that through helping people save time, money and their resources

Through this they can enjoy their life, more fully.




Together, our companies are impacting millions of people across the planet, solving some of the deepest problems over the next 20 years and empowering Entrepreneurs to help create a world we're proud of. 

If you're an investor, entrepreneur, influencer, business owner or person with a high-level of expertise, we'd love to be in contact. 

Why? Because, in order to build the future, we need those that can help us, like you. 

Want to be involved? Awesome.